A playlist for Gloria and Emily of Off the Page and Into Life. (Graphic made by Harriet.)

need you now - lady antebellum / you’ll always be my best friend - relient k / what is this feeling? - wicked / ours - taylor swift / daydream - miranda cosgrove / mamma mia - abba / our last summer - abba / us - regina spektor / you and i - ingrid michaelson / juliet - emilie autumn / glitter in the air - p!nk / teenage dream - katy perry / fearless - taylor swift / little red riding hood - bowling for soup / i gotchoo - bowling for soup / home - edward sharpe and the magnetic zeroes / up and up - relient k

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A playlist for Gail and Henry, from Off the Page and Into Life. (Thanks to the lovely Harriet for letting me use her graphic.)

first date - blink 182 / he said he had a story - the dear hunter / bubblegum bitch - marina and the diamonds / disgusting - miranda cosgrove / treacherous - taylor swift / only the good die young - billy joel / round and round - selena gomez / sparks fly - taylor swift / ours - taylor swift / misery loves company - emilie autumn / opheliac - emilie autumn / she’s killing me - a rocket to the moon / what is this feeling? - wicked / keep holding on - avril lavigne / company calls epilogue - blink 182 / creep - radiohead / need you now - lady antebellum / urgent - foreigner / all you ever think about is sex - the sparks / you could drive a person crazy - company / the masochism tango - tom leher / toxic - britney spears

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Yes, that’s right, boys and girls! Pageson’s annual county fair is coming up! From July 4 to July 13, your character will be able to go to the fairgrounds near Shallot Lake and wander the fair. Whether they get on the rides, play the games, eat the food, enter the contests, or just talk to their friends, is all up to you. Don’t miss the event!

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Congrats, Adelette, you got Marie Hudson! Please make her blog, follow everyone, send in your rp email for the OOC group, and begin tracking the tags: “pageson notice,” “pageson:mariehudson,” and “storyteller post.”

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Clemence Potte | Baker | 89 | Reincarnation of Granny | Betty White

“What do I care about politeness? I’m eighty-nine.”

+ Clever, Motherly, Protective

- Stern, Snarky, Suspicious

Bio: Clemence has lived in Pageson for her entire life, and has never left the town, not even for a vacation. She married young, right of high school, but sadly lost her husband in WWII, right after discovering she was pregnant with his son. After her son was born, she opened up a bakery underneath her flat, and has been making a living that way ever since. She used to be a bit of a shrinking violet when she was younger, but now that she’s entered her old age, Clemence has become more outgoing, and is known for abruptly making a sarcastic remark at one of her patrons.


Cerise Potte: Clemence was deeply saddened by the death of her son, and when her granddaughter Cerise was sent to live with her, she promised to give her the best life she possibly could. When Cerise was young, the two were very close, doing everything together, but now that she’s growing up, the two have begun to clash with one another, due to their differing ideals. Clemence is concerned for Cerise’s safety, due to her questionable taste in friends, and really just wants what’s best for her.

Clemence Potte is OPEN

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