All stories end.
Pageson doesn't.

Again and again, the classic characters you've read about are reborn into new bodies and placed in the scenic town of Pageson. All the while, the Storyteller watches over them with hatred and anger, a once kind heart blackened by time. How many chapters do you have left before she picks on you?


Stories have a way of sticking with you, whether you like it or not. The idea of a new world with new people and new adventures appeals to almost everyone, and those who often find themselves locked in a book can swear that the world on the page was something more real their daily lives, even if just for a moment.

Once Upon a Time

There was once another dimension older than thought itself, known as Grimmearth. It was populated by the beginnings of what would later become your favorite classic literary characters. Residents of Wonderland and Oz lived in harmony, Tom Sawyer and Grantaire knew one another, and the Jabberwocky roamed the land, along with dragons from fairy tales. Grimmearth is a fantastical setting, wide, expansive, and often very familiar. From Wonderland, to Oz, to Baker Street, and the wolf-ridden woods of fairy tales, Grimmearth was everything your mind saw when your eyes only saw words on pages. The dimension was ruled by the Storyteller, who, though she didn’t have a physical body, was good friends with all the characters, and generally kept things running on a smooth course.

However, good things never last, and as time took it’s toll, the ethereal land grew barren and empty. Watching all her friends die one by one pained the Storyteller greatly, not knowing how to function without her friends. After Grimmearth fell into complete waste, making it unlivable, she decided to try to bring all her friends back. She gathered all the memories and knowledge she had of Grimmearth’s former residents, and sent them out into the human world, to have her friends reborn on Earth. She created the small town of Pageson, as a safe haven for her friends, where no one could interrupt them as the Storyteller puppeteered the familiar adventures.

This idea didn’t go exactly as planned. Not only did the humans not live out their lives the same way as the original residents once had, they didn’t always understand or like the Storyteller when she tried to talk to them. But, she was not to be discouraged, and simply tried again with the next generation. She sent in hints and clues of who they really were through dreams or strange objects, hoping to trigger their memories, but all that did was give them inspiration for stories, which would become the books you may be familiar with. After several attempts, she began to grow bitter towards her creations. They were never right, they were never her friends as she remembered them. Centuries passed in Pageson, and though the Storyteller tried to recreate her friends, she kept seeing her hopes dashed again… and again… and again.


Somewhere over the rainbow, down the rabbit hole, and located north of the state capital, just west of 71, is the small American town of Pageson. Located in the Deep South, the small, largely religious and conservative town is almost entirely cut off from the outside world. Pageson is a seemingly normal, wholesome town at first glance. However, what looks like a sweet little town right out of the 1950s is far from it, full of criminals, juvenile delinquents, and dark secrets no one wants to talk about. The town may be cutesy and the population may be close-knit, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of hatred, prejudice, and bad blood to go around.

Pageson is a little-known American town, with a population of under six hundred, and a willing population of about zero.  No one really likes the town, with its isolation from the rest of the world and its tendency to get things about ten years after everyone else, but it’s near impossible to leave. Those who do leave Pageson never get far, and often end up right back where they began.

On the outskirts of the small community, a red-shoed girl and her yappy terrier focus on keeping their family’s farm up and running. Lurking mainstreet, a self-centered troublemaker dodges responsibility, favoring adventure to his aunt’s to-do list. Conversing over crappy coffee, a group of young men plan for an equal future for all. A young newcomer feels as if she’s tumbled down the rabbit hole, and a teen genius and his aspiring doctor of a best friend are seen trying to solve the latest big-city crime.

The Storyteller is still around, but has now become completely angry and anti-human, only interacting with her creations to mess with them, determined to take her loneliness out on them. Due to having nothing else to do with her days, she’s picked up on everyone’s secrets, and has no problem blackmailing her “friends” in order to get some entertainment. Frustrated, bored, and exceedingly lonely, the Storyteller is determined to get the residents of Pageson to realize who they are and pay attention to her, no matter what it takes.

Welcome to Pageson, where every story you’ve heard is true, magic is around every corner, darkness lurks beneath the cheerful and homey surface of the town… and a hero could be anyone. It could even be you.